Sunday, December 26, 2010

Show Me the Free Reading Challenge

Missy at the Unread Reader is hosting the Show me the Free Reading Challenge

Read 12 ebooks that were obtained for Free

The List (not sure if I will read them all or even some others that I get through the year)
1. Wish - Alexandra Bullen
2. Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy - Abigail Reynolds
3. Lydia Bennet's Story - Jane Odiwe
4. Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy: Thow Shall Become One - Sharon Lathan
5. Mr Darcy's Diary - Amanda Grange
6. Other Mr Darcy - Monica Fairview
7. Pemberley Chronicals - Rebecca Ann Collins
8. What Would jane Austen Do? Laurie Brown
9. Mr Darcy Takes a Wife - Linda Berdoll
10. Darcys & the Bingleys - Marsha Altman
11. Eliza's Daughter - Joan Aiken
12. Lonestar Sanctuary - Collen Coble
13. Troblesome Creek - Jan Watson
14. Fireflies in December - Jennifer Erin Valent
15. Anne of Green Gables - LM Montgomery

New Author Challenge

Jackie is hosting a New Author Challenge.

  • Authors New to Me (can be from other challenges)
  • Pick 15, 25, or 50...

I am doing the 15 Author Challenge, my selections so far are:

Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - Rebecca Skloot
Girl with the Dragon Tatoo - Stieg Larsson
Hand that First Held Mine - Maggie O'Farrell
Revolation - Jennifer Donnelly
Irresistable Henry House - Lisa Grunwald
Rock, Paper, Tiger - Lisa Brackmann
Wake of Forgiveness - Bruce Maehart
Before I fall - Lauren Oliver
Velma Still Cooks in Leeway - Vinita Hampton Wright - REMOVE
The Friday Night Knitting Club - Katie Jacobs
Scarlet Thread - Francine Rivers
Case History - Kate Atkins

1. Room - Emma Donoghue
2. Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - Helen Simonson
3. Great House - Nichole Krauss
4. The Night Fairy - Laura Amy Schlitz
5. Little Bee - Chris Cleave
6. Where the God of Love Hangs Out - Amy Bloom
7. Adoration of Jenna Fox - Mary Pearson (unplanned)
8. Bloodroot - Amy Green (unplanned)
9. Half Broke Horses - Jeannette Walls (unplanned)

Amazon's Best of 2010

Kelly of Reading with Martinis is hosting a Amazon Best of 2010 Reading Challenge.

Pick 10 books from the Editors Favorite List
Pick 10 books from Customer's Favorite List
Books from 2 list cannot overlap
Previous books read cannot be counted
Books can be used in other challenges

Here are some of the books I like (not sure which 10 I will read and I still have a couple of overlaps but I will clean that up when I figure out where I need more books. :) One thing that was interesting to me - I had more that I was interested reading from the Editor's favorites vs Customer Favorites.

Editors Favorites
The Hand that First Held Mine by Maggie O'Farrell
Freedom - Jonathan Franzen
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest - Stieg Larsson (duplicate Editor/Customer)
Revolution - Jennifer Donnelly
Irrestistible Henry House - Lisa Grunwald
Rock, Paper, Tiger by Lisa Brackmann
The Unnamed - Joshua Ferris
Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver

1. Major
Pettigrew's Last Stand - Helen Simonson - COMPLETE
3. Room - Emma Donoghue (duplicate with customer) - COMPLETE
3. Maybe This Time - Jennifer Cruise - COMPLETE
4. Bloodroot - Amy Greene - COMPLETE
5. Great House - Nicole Krauss - COMPLETE
6. Where the God of Love hangs Out - Amy Bloom - COMPLETE
7. The Night Fairy - Laura Amy Schultz - COMPLETE
8. The Wake of Forgiveness - Brue Machart

Customer Favorites
The Girl Who Kicked the hornet's Next - Stieg Larsson (duplicate)
Short Second Life of Bree Tanner - Stephenie Meyer
Freedom - Johnathan Franzen (duplicate)
Immoral Life of Henrietta Lacks - Rebecca Skloot (duplicate)
Heroes of Olympus - Rick Riordan
House Rules - Jodi Picoult
Heart of the Matter - Emily Griffin

Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins - COMPLETE
2. The Red Pyramid - Rick Riordan - COMPLETE
3. Caught - Harlan Corben - COMPLETE
4. Room - Emma Donoghue (duplicate) - COMPLETE
5. The Search - Nora Roberts - COMPLETE

Room - will only count for 1 category, but I haven't decided which one yet...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Read-a-thon Over :(

So sad another read-a-thon is at close. I finished the Hunger Games (soo good) which was a perfect can't put down read-a-thon book. And I got 50 pages into Shiver. This is a great result for me!

Here is the Summary
Books Read: Hunger Games
Books Started: Shiver
Running pages: I probably read about 350 pages, which is awesome for me especially with all the interruptions I had! :)
Mini-challenges Completed: about 8 I think
Prizes Won: 1
Other Participants Visited: I am estimating 10, but not positive on this one...I didn't keep track.

Thanks to our hosts for another great read-a-thon!! I love participating in them and hope to be back in April...from a new city. : )

Hour 23

I took a nap - well a little more than probably a nap. My 19 mo old has had a rough evening. She has been up 4 times...and at 1:00 she was up for nearly 2 hours. So I went to bed to help her sleep and fell asleep too. I am back at it now though for the big end! :)

Who me??

I won a challenge!! And it was a challenge about DEWEY!! How fitting - I am in tears thinking about it. It was the 6 word challenge.... My 6 words were...

400 participants - Dewey would be proud!

Awww...I am so touched! There were so many others that were so good!! Thanks guys!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Covers Mini Challenge

I am a big cover person too. If the cover doesn't match the book I get very upset. I can't remember any I have read that hasn't matched the book. One cover that comes to mind tough are the Twilight books. I loved the cover with the black, red, and white flower, and the ribbon. But the blurb kept me from reading the book for a long time - I had no interest in reading about Vampires. I did finally listen to Twilight as an audio book and wondered what everyone was gushing was no Harry Potter. Then a friend invited me to a free screening of New Moon - after drooling all over Jacob and the great story line I was hooked - and loved the series!

The other book that I thin of is the cover of "1,000 White Women" - I LOVED this book. What surprised me about the cover is that the book ends in a certain way...and if you look closely at the cover it gives it away - but subtly so you don't even realize it gives away the end until you have read the end! I loved that.

I tend to move away from science fiction looking covers, and half naked people (unless one is Taylor Lautner), or vapires for that matter. Covers are important draws for me.

Hour 16

I did it!! I finished the Hunger Games! It is awesome!! I wish I had Catching Fire with me - I thought about stopping at Costco on my way home to pick it up! What a way to end!! UGH....One of those books you don't want to end. I am glad there are 2 more.

I am now in my 40's and am straining my brain to remember YA books when I was actually a YA! I don't think they were this good or maybe I was just reading the wrong ones! I loved series like Sweet Valley High, but remember starting adult books very young. I remember VC Andrews and A Child Called It (or something like it), but that is about it. I should have been keeping a book journal then! Does anyone else my age remember what YA books were out?

I think the quality of YA has improved. I have loved Harry Potter, Twilight, Luxe, Goosegirl, and now Hunger Games. :)

Ok I am still reading - hoping to make it until 2 EST. :) I will now start reading Shiver.

Mid-Challenge Meme

1. Reading now: Hunger Games
2. Read so far: not even 1 yet! LOL
3. Shiver - I hope to start, but I am really looking forward to finishing the Hunger Games - it is so good.
4. I tried to make special arrangements to have the day free...but you know the best laid plans - my Girlies got sick.
5. I have had MANY interruptions... I have to stop reading. Looking forward to the kiddos bed time.
6. Surprises about the read-a-thon. None is great as usual!
7. Suggestions...none for the read-a-thon managers...for me - get out of the house more! :)
8. Next year I will get out of the house
9. I am getting tired - I am sure my reading will start to suffer, but considering how much I have read so far it probably won't be noticeable. :)
10. My only tip would to try to find a book that you can't put down or throw a YA book into the mix for the times that you are getting tired because they are easier reads.

Hour 10 Results

Still on Hunger Games - only 9 yes 9 pages read this hour... so sad, but it will get better as the night goes on. The good news is I MUST finish Hunger Games tonight to know what happens! Lovin' it!

Hour 4-8

These hours were a bust... I read for about 45 minutes but then my hubby called me to come play with the family. We went to a local pizza place that has games (think Chuckie Cheese). So they are played out and now they are watching hopfully I can get in some reading time.

Here is the summary from earlier
Book: Hunger Games
Pages:51 --- I am to page 212 now. : )

Back a home reading so it will probably be hit and miss until the girlies go to bed.

Hour 5 Results

Hour 5 has been good to me!

Still Reading: Hunger Games
Pages: 40 ---now on page 160

Here are some things I thought from these 20 pages:
In District 12, looking old is something of an achievement since so many people die early. You see an elderly person, you want to congratulate them on their longevity, ask their secret of survival. A plump person is envied because they aren’t scraping by like a majority of us.” (pg 125)

I just thought this was interesting from a US the plump do have enough food and in fact don't worry about it...and how we strive to stay young, but being elderly is an achievement.

Peeta has a crush and admits who it is on National Televisions! Poor guy! Or is he? Hmm

I am really enjoying the Hunger's a great book for the read-a-thon because I don't want to put it down. I will defiantly read the next one - Catching Fire and #3 Mocking Jay (which they have mentioned what they are in book 1).

Challenge - Show Me the Books

Since I am at Starbucks I can't take a picture of my book stack...or my overflowing bookshelf, or the box of books that won't fit on the bookshelf - so I will put in the cover of the books that I am hoping to get to today...

Hour 4 Results

Reading: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Reading at: Starbucks in a comfy chair
Drinking: Toffee Mocha Frappachino
Pages read: 26 ---- Big improvement! :) On page 120

Favorite part in the last 26 pages :
Katniss shoots the apple out of the pigs mouth when the Gamemakers were not paying attention to her. :) I wanted to shout - you go girl! In the middle of Starbucks. LOL.

Learning about how Gale & Katniss met and the girl with the red hair forgiving Katniss and helping comfort her. :)

Hour 2

Hour 3 is going to be good for me - even though it's 30 minutes gone! My darling husband has taken the kids and I have moved to Starbucks to read! I have read nothing since hour 1. So nothing new to post. :(

6 Word-Mini-Challenge

Here are my 6 words for Read-a-thon 2010:

400 participants - Dewy would be Proud!

I helped Dewey out with one of her first ones...I think she would be so happy they are continuing! Thanks so much to our leaders for putting this together and donating your reading time this weekend!!

Hour 1 Results

Reading: Hunger Games
20 pages read

1 breakfast served
3 conflicts broken up
1 dog let out

2 mini challenges entered
2 comments made to other readers


Mini Challenge 2

Children's Books:
The first book I remember reading is the Cat in the Hat. I remember this book because it is the first book I read by myself. ;) I loved the Betsy books as I got into chapter books. When I was a kid I didn't enjoy being at home because it wasn't a great environment. My favorite thing would be to get in my bed (top bunk with a window by it) and read. I would spend all day up there reading! Mom would take us to the library so I got a good selection of going to the library or book store is still my favorite thing to do!

My girls love Babycakes and any books about farms! My 4 year old loves books with pictures in the words so she can help me read. So fun, but they are so hard to find! She is also into Carebears and Princesses, so we read a lot of those books.

Mini Challenge 1

# of books in my TBR Pile - too many to count - literally. I am a compulsive book buyer (not to mention I love to check books out of the library) I am set today! :)

Goals for the read-a-thon: I would like to finish the Hunger Games. I am with my 2 girls (4 and 19 months) all day so that will be a big accomplishment! :)

Advice: have fun! It's such a great day to bond with other readers. Have lots of treats and caffeine! :)

Hour 1 (8am EST)

I am starting... I think this is the time I start - thanks for translating GMP into Pacific time! That helps a lot.

I am thinking of Dewey a lot proud she would be that the read-a-thon is continuing and growing so much!

Reading: The Hunger Games (page 73)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Read-a-ton Prep

Oh, Boy...I can't believe it's been April since my last just gets busy I guess. I am still reading but only about 1 book a month...more if I am lucky!

Big news - we are moving to Cincinnati - though not sure when. I am wondering if the name of my blog should change since the whole point of using Derby was that I am in Louisville, KY - home of the Kentucky Derby! ;) Not sure yet what Cincinnati is known for other than cinnamon in their Chili (not sure if I will try that one or not).

Today I am prepping for the read-a-thon by cleaning the house! Ha! I wanted to spend part of the day at Starbucks to make sure I got in a few hours of reading, but illness has gotten in the way of that dream. :) My 2 girls are sick so I will need to stick around the house. And you know they don't want to sleep more because they are that just an adult thing??

So I have my books ready...I am hoping to maybe finish 1! :)
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Thorn in My Heart by Liz Curtis Higgs (on Kindle)
Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
Impossible by Nancy Werlin
...and tons more in my book shelf! Plus I have a kindle so the whole books store is at my compulsive purchase! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Read-a-thon Post #2

Well with all my best intentions of getting up at 5am and getting a couple of hours reading...failed. Mom got up at 5:30am so I only got 30 minutes of reading in today. :( My hubby and I did get the storage area cleaned out, since Mom could watch the kids so that was a big accomplishment. Hopefully I will be able to get a little reading in...if not there is always after bed! :)

Thanks for all the cheers from the cheerleaders! :)

Read-a-thon Post #1

I am starting to read. :) I am starting with Sarah's Key which I have on my Kindle so I won't know how much I read, but I am trying to get ahead on this month's book club book :)

I hope to get in 2 hours of reading before the kiddos get up.

I am drinking Mocha frappachino (out of a bottle) and Reeses peanut butter cup minitures. Nothing like a sugar high to wake me up.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Read-a-thon Plans

I have loose plans to participate in the Read-a-ton. I am disappointed I can't participate completely, but my Mom is in town so I am going to have to limit my reading.

I hope to be able to get in several hours. I have 3 books started that I would like to finish -
Breaking Dawn which I am 1/2 way through and really want to finish
Nefertiti - last month's book club book that I need to finish
Sarah's key - this month's book club book

I will be happy to finsih just one!

As for snacks...Easter candy and Starbucks Frappachino's. I may be hiding I mean reading, in the closet! :)