Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Summer I Dared - Barbara Delinsky

Rating: 3 Third Place Win(···)
Pages: 512
Challenges: Chunkster 2008, A-Z Challenge (S Title)
Synopsis (from B&N)
What comes after the moment that forever changes your life?
This question haunts Julia Bechtel, Noah Prine, and Kim Collela, the only survivors of a terrible boating accident that claims the lives of nine other people off the coast of Maine.
Julia, a 40-year-old wife and mother, has always taken the path of least resistance. Feeling strangely connected to Noah, the divorced, brooding lobsterman who helped save her life, Julia begins to explore the unique possibilities offered by the quiet island of Big Sawyer, Maine. Suddenly, things that once seemed critical lose significance, and things that seemed inconsequential take on a whole new importance. With each passing moment, each new discovery, Julia grows more sure that after coming face to face with death, she must have more from life.
The Summer I Dared is a deeply moving story of the risky but rewarding search for self, and the irrepressible ability of the human spirit to rebound from disaster and to make life anew.
I had a hard time determining if this should be rated a 3 or a 4. I was also reading Life As We Knew it and you know when you are reading a really good book it skews what you think of all the others, so my rating might be a little skewed. I like Delinsky's book and will continue reading them. I did enjoy Family Tree more you can see my review here. This is a good relationship book with a litte mystery thrown in. There were points that I wanted to shake Julia because she was letting people treat her so bad.

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