Sunday, October 23, 2011

Read-a-thon Update 8am - last Update

The read-a-thon is sad...I slept and I am still tired! My kiddos were up at 5am so I didn't get as much read this morning as I wanted. I am determined to finish Sisters today. Sisters is a great book to read in the read-a-thon fast, easy, suspenseful but oddly so - you know what is going to happen just not who did it.... very odd...

I can't wait until the next read-a-thon...I love it that twice a year I have an excuse to read all day and not feel guilty about doing anything else!! Hello Laundry...I am coming for you today

Read-a-thon Update 4am EST

I am up again! Trying to finish Sisters. My 2.5 year old hijacked my night...she is not feeling well and just wanted Mommy. Everytime I laid her down she started coughing and would wake herself up... hopefully she will sleep for a couple of hours.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Read-a-thon Update 8pm EST

Still reading - going to take a break to put the kiddos to bed. :)

Read-a-thon Update 4pm EST

Hour 8 I think... :)

Still reading

I have moved home and so far have changed more diapers (2) than chapters read...going to change that this hour...though my 5 year old keeps asking me to play stickers with her. :)

Page 106

Top 5 Books Coming Soon - Mini Challenge

Here are the top 5 I am anticipating
Dicovery of Witches book #2

I love this mini-challenge because I love picking new books to read...hence my TBR pile is bigger than I can read in 1 year!! :)
Thanks Lisa for hosting this challenge

It's nearly 1pm est here! I completed another mini-challenge and am really annoyed that I can't paste into blogspot! UGH - this is one of the reasons I stopped blogging so much - maybe I need to change who hosts my blog - any suggestions?

Anyway my favorite way of sharing reading right now is with my 5 year old and helping her learn to read...I am so excited at the number of books that await her!

As for this hour - still at Starbucks reading Sister :) still enjoying it! I think I am going to have to find some lunch this hour so probably less reading will get done...oh well...

Read-a-thon Update 12am EST

Still reading! ;) Thinking about getting lunch on page 78 of Sister by Rosmund Lupton...really enjoying it and trying to figure out what happened to the sister! Wishing my sister and I were as close as Tess and Bee...but I am blessed to have friends as close as sisters! And one I know would move heaven and earth to find out how / why I died! :) Ok that is a morbid thought!

I might have to make a snack run before I head home :) A sweet chex mix is on my list of things to get..and someone mentioned Dove Carmels in their got me thinking about them.

So far I have drank:
Cinnamon Dolce Latte and Chai Latte - yumm...

Read-a-thon Update 10am

So I think this is hour 2, but I have already lost count!! LOL!

I am still at Starbucks. Going though my google reader looking at people's updates. :) I just love today!

I am reading: Sisters - which is really good! Page 33 - yeah I did mention I am a slow reader.
Pages I have read: 33
Books Completed so far...none - this is typical for me in the read a thon...I should make it a goal to finish a book! LOL

Smelling all the good smell of starbucks looking forward to the day...I love fall all snuggly in a sweatshirt and when I get home I will start the fireplace. :) Sounds idealistic when I know the kiddos will be with me hopefully there will be a good show on NickJr that will give me 25 minutes of blissful reading! I love NickJr! :)

Reada-thon intro meme

Introduction Meme

1. I am reading from Liberty Township, OH (a 'burb of Cincinnati)
2. 3 random facts - did my first read-a-thon with Dewey!, slow reader, probably won't make it the whole 24 hours awake and certainly not reading with 2 kiddos underfoot
3. an infinate number! A bookshelf full, but hoping to finish 2!
4. my goals are to read 10 hours but I will probably get in 5.
5. My advice is to have fun - that is the whole point if you need a break take it, if you want to change goals do it! :)

My favorite Day - Read-a-thon day!!

I am reading in the 24 hour read-a-thon today! I got a hour late start so now it's a 23 hour read-a-thon...but in reality it will probably be 5 hours of reading...not even a-thon...but hey that is more than usual!!

For the next few hours I have left the kiddos and the hubby to read at Starbucks. The read-a-thon site is not working for me it keeps erroring out...well see if it starts working later...ok on to reading!

I have 2 books with me Sister by Rosamund Lupton and Call me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips ;)