Monday, March 24, 2008

The Sister - Poppy Adams

Personal Reading: 3 Don’t bet on this one…wait for the movie (···)
Book Club Reading: 4 Tell a Friend over a Derby pie (ääää)
Challenge: Spring Thing, A-Z Challenge: A Author
This book is about 2 sisters who haven't seen each other in 20 some years. Vivian is coming home to her childhood home where Ginny has lived all of her life. This story goes back in time to tell us why it has been so long since Vivian has been home and the reasons she left. It also tells us the story of Ginny and her life with her parents.
The one aspect of this book that I found difficult involves all the technical details of moths. I am not that interested in I found myself skimming these sections. I am sure that I missed some analogies in skipping these sections, but I was having a really hard time with them.
This is another book that is hard to describe without giving too much away. Here's the deal though...if you want a book that tells you all the answers you are not going to like this book. If you like a book that leaves a lot up to your interpretation you will love this book. Because this book doesn't lay all the answers out I think it would be a great for a book discussion.
This is a first discussion book on Barnes & Noble. This is my first on-line book discussion and my first Advanced Read! It has been an interesting experience. I would do a few things differently next time. I think I would drop everything I was reading at the time to concentrate on the advanced reading book, because I would rather discuss each chapter with everyone else while they were reading. I think this would be more enjoyable in the process. Instead I was worried about spoilers so I waited until the end, but I think it would have been more fun to participate in the discussions.
I would read more by Poppy Adams.


Dewey said...

I think these sorts of books, the ones that are hard to talk about at all without spoilers, are my own biggest challenge in blogging.

Lourdes said...

This really was a weird book, wasn't it? I just finished it today. I enjoyed it while reading it, but still have so many questions. Ginny's actions in the end leave so much of what has happened before up in the air. I don't know what to believe! This would make a great discussion book.

Anonymous said...

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