Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mini Challenge 2

Children's Books:
The first book I remember reading is the Cat in the Hat. I remember this book because it is the first book I read by myself. ;) I loved the Betsy books as I got into chapter books. When I was a kid I didn't enjoy being at home because it wasn't a great environment. My favorite thing would be to get in my bed (top bunk with a window by it) and read. I would spend all day up there reading! Mom would take us to the library so I got a good selection of going to the library or book store is still my favorite thing to do!

My girls love Babycakes and any books about farms! My 4 year old loves books with pictures in the words so she can help me read. So fun, but they are so hard to find! She is also into Carebears and Princesses, so we read a lot of those books.

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