Saturday, April 26, 2008

Once Upon A Marigold - Jean Ferris

Rating:3 Don’t bet on this one…wait for the movie (···)

Challenges: Once Upon a Time, A-Z Challenge (F Author)


This story is about a Christian who lives with his foster father Ed in a cave. Near his cave you can see the castle where Marigold lives. Christian starts sending her pigeon-mail and they become friends. Christian is Marigold's only friend. He decides he has to meet her and gets a job at a castle. There is one problem though. Marigold's mother is trying to marry her off!


I liked this book and though it was a great young adult book! It was a quick read and has some great lessons in it.


Dewey said...

Darcie, you won The Cake Thief in my blog! Would you email me your address at

Shannon G. said...

I read this book back in third grade and loved it dearly. I wish it had been one of the books I'd forgotten to give back.