Thursday, January 17, 2008

Raising Hope - Katie Willard

Rating: 4 Tell a Friend over a Derby pie (ääää)
Pages: 311
Challenge: From the Stacks, A-Z Challenge (Title R)
This book is about 4 women a grandmother (Maime), her daughter (Sara Lynn), Ruthie, and Hope. Hope was abandoned by her father to his sister Hope and his ex-girlfriend (not Hope's Mom) when Hope's Mom died. They moved in with Maime and Sara Lynn and the book picks up with Hope is 12. Their lives are changing and the book is how they are changing (I don't want to give anything away).
One of the things that I thought was really neat about this book is that it is told by all 4 women's perspectives in the first person without the benefit of the narrator's name at the beginning of the chapter. But it wasn't hard at all to follow who was speaking! Some would start and the end of the previous persons narrative and towards the end of the book you know the characters well enough that you know who is telling the story. The story also went from current time to the past and back and forth, but it made a lot of sense. I would love to be able to write like this.
I REALLY enjoyed this book and probably would have given it a 5, but I didn't like the ending. I felt like it ended without tying out a couple of loose ends. I wanted to know more about the characters after the book ended. I hope Katie Willard is working on a continuing book!! I looked on Barnes & Noble...nope no second book yet. UGH... This too shall pass...

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