Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Wilde Women - Paula Wall

Rating: 4 Tell a Friend over a Derby pie (ääää)
Pages: 320
Challenges: A-Z Challenge (Title W)

When you start this book you think it is going to be about the Wilde Sisters (Kat and Pearl) who are not speaking because Pearl caught Kat sleeping with her fiance Bourne, but the book is also about the characters of the town. Pearl comes back to town to get revenge on her sister and to shake things up. And boy does she...

I really liked this book and all the people it introduced. I like how Pearl changed the town and the town changed her too. And how sometimes things are not as they appear.

I really liked both Kat and Pearl and a lot of the other characters in the town. This is one of those books you hope there is a second book telling about what happened to all the characters. I also really enjoyed the Rock Orchard by Paula Wall.

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Dewey said...

This sounds good! I love character-driven novels.