Monday, January 26, 2009

Rumors - Anna Godbersen

Rating: 5 horses out of 5

Pages: 423

Challenges: Library, Young Adult, Young Adult Romance, 20 in 2009


The second book in the Luxe Series picks up on the main characters of the first: Elizabeth and Diana Holland, Penelope Hayes, and Carolina (Lina) Broud. Elizabeth was taken for dead, but really went to find her true love Will in California. Diana is in love with Elizabeth's fiance (arranged by their parents) Harry and Penelope is after Harry as well. Lina is just trying to break into the upper class after being fired as Elizabeth's maid.

Will Elizabeth find Will? Will she be able to come back home to New York after leaving under the pretense of having "fallen" into the river? Will Elizabeth and Will be happy together?

Will Diana and Harry find happiness together?

Will Penelope continue her manipulation to marry Harry?

Will Lina continue to use her inside knowledge of the Holland family to get money from Penelope? Or will she find herself loyal to her previous employers? Will she get her sister Claire in trouble for divulging Holland family secrets? Will Lina get exposed for not being in the upper class?


The second book in the Luxe series was just as good as the first! I devoured it. I like historical fiction and have really enjoyed both of these series. #3 comes out in a few days and I already have it reserved at the library. The last chapter of the book sets up the premise of the next book (but I don't want to give anything away). If you have started this series and liked the first book I am confident that you will like the second as well.

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