Saturday, June 27, 2009

April / June Update

It's hard to beleive my last post was May 6! There are many reasons...1 is that I found Facebook! And Farm Town and Yo'ville games on them...I am completely addicted to Farm Town.

I have been reading though... Here is what needs to be reviewed:
How I live Now - Meg Rosoff
Saavy - Ingrid Law
View from Saturday - EL Konigburg
The Penelopiat - Margaret Atwood
Wanted - Shelly Sheppard Gray
Handle with Care - Jodi Picoult
Mudbound - Hillary Jordan

Obviously I am still reading, but work and housework keep getting in they way. Also I finally feel like I am adjusting to having 2 little ones! :) Having 2 little ones and still time for me - well that is another story!

There are several challenges that I have some books to post to, but in a nut shell I have missed the deadlines for:
Book Awards (by 2 books...UGH)
Themed Reading - haven't started and is due end of July - I am calling Uncle
Numbers Challenge - Havent started - due Aug 1 - Uncle #2 (I have read one)

Everything else I have signed up for is due Dec I am not ready to call Uncle yet. I DO need to start reading books I own. I made that goal in January and have finished 2 yes only 2 of my own books...and I KNOW I have bought more than 2! Terrible...back to the drawing board. So my goal is to get a review up everyday until they are done. Thanks for sticking with me...wish I had more time to read .