Thursday, May 29, 2008

Little House in the Big Woods - Laura Ingalls Wilder

Rating: 2 Drink more Mint Juleps before reading (åå)
Pages: 238
Challenges: First in a Series, Novella Challenge
This is the first book in the Little House in the Woods series. You might remember the show with Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert. ;) Here they live close to their family and get help harvesting, they eat Sugar Snow (living in Minnesota they make Maple Syrup from the trees and put it on the snow). There were lots of fun little stories in this book. In fact I felt more like it was a collection of short stories than a book, which is OK.
I didn't like the book a lot. I listened to it on audio and I had a few problems with it on Audio. First off how can you read the book and not imagine Melissa Gilbert as Laura. Secondly the voice on the audio was clearly a mature woman - I would have expected someone who could sound like a young girl. I think that I would enjoy this series in a few years reading it with my daughter - from the books! It will be fun sharing the stories with her and seeing her face as she listens to the stories. I do think it is appropriate for young children, since no big traumas happened in the book (i.e. no violence, death or relationship actions that need to be explained). Also because it seems more like short stories it would be a good book to read a chapter at a time. It wasn't a bad book I just didn't enjoy it for the time and place that I am now.

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