Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dream A Little Dream - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Rating: 4
Pages: 400
Challenges: Audio, Support your Local Library, Romance, Book Awards (RITA), 20 in 2009


Rachel Stone is left with a young son Edward when her Evangelist husband is caught lying to his congregation about the "good deeds" he is doing. He decides to ditch his life and his wife with $5 million to boot! In desperation, Rachel decides to return to Salvation, NC, where the towns people think (thanks to her husband) that Rachel is the reason for the good preacher's demise. Needless to say she is not much liked.

Rachel has determined that her husband's millions have to be in Salvation and has returned to find it. After some pleading and desperation she starts working at a drive-in where she finds love with the owner...and finds her faith.


I enjoy the "Bonner" books from Phillips. Although I enjoyed What I Did for Love much better. See my review here. Rachel has more guts and determination than most people and she endured more than anyone should have to. The way her husband paraded her around reminded me of Tammy Faye Baker - I wonder if that was Phillip's inspiration for the book. A very good read!!