Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Light Years - Tammar Stein

Rating: 4 out of 5 horses
Pages: 263
Challenge: Young Adult Romance, Young Adult, New Author, Library, 20 in 2009

Synopsis (and picture from BN.com)
He went to school to learn how to kill me. The Israeli girl who ruined his life. Seven people were killed instead. A single mother of two. A computer programmer. Two college students. A grandmother and her four-year-old grandson sharing an ice cream. And Dov, my boyfriend, my heart, the man I wanted to marry, who was there waiting for me.

Maya leaves Israel to study astronomy at the University of Virginia, running from the violence, guilt, and memories of her past. As the narrative switches between Virginia and Israel, we learn about Maya’s life as a soldier, her ambiguous devotion to Israel, and her love for her boyfriend, Dov, who is tragically killed in a suicide bombing. Now, in Virginia, amid the day-to-day pressures of classes, roommates, and fraternity parties, Maya attempts to reconcile her Israeli past with her American future.
I would recommend this book. It did a good job of hoping from Israel and discussing the past and present day Virgina. Also it gave me a much better perspective on what Israelis go through on a day-to-day basis with their terror attacks. It was very insightful!
Here are some of my favorite quotes or insights:
"They didn't even realize that light could conceal far more than it ever revealed. It deceived you, tricked you, and lulled you straight into the heart of danger. (184)"
Maya blames herself for Dov's death. Justin says, "If you hadn't existed, then maybe this wouldn't have happened. But whatever that waiter did to get himself fired would have probably happened sooner or later with someone else. You can't live life hoping nothing you do affect anything or anyone else. That's just life. You can't predict how the most simple thing will turn out, but that doesn't mean that you step away from living life and try to hide away. (247)"
"...I was especially taken by the words of Epictetus, a Roman slave from two thousand years ago. His advice: let go of what you cannot control, focus only on what falls directly under your control--your opinions, your will, your moral fortitude. (250)"
On why Israel keeps fighting, "We do it because after each war, after each victory and every death, we keep thinking and hoping it will be over. (258)"

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