Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blue Water - A Manette Ansay

Rating: 3 Don’t bet on this one…wait for the movie (···)
Challenges: Spring Thing, Themed Reading

Meg and Rex tried hard for their son Evan (6) he is the only child they can have. One day Meg was driving Evan to school and was hit by a drunk driver, Cindy Ann. Cindy Ann and Meg were friends in High School and Meg has a hard time forgiving Cindy Ann for killing her son in the accident. Cindy Ann and her 3 children were unhurt. Meg and Rex leave their life and set out on a sail boat to try to live normal again. On their journey they question if they can forgive. When Meg and Cindy Ann's paths cross again Meg realizes that Cindy Ann is not who she thought she was.

This is a journey to forgiveness and asks the question - Would you be able to forgive someone who killed your child? It was a good story and I probably would have rated it higher but the "blue water" parts where they are in the ocean on their sail boat was a little monotonous. I liked the way the book approached Megs conflicts and her constant questioning of forgiveness. One of my favorite concepts is that forgiveness is done everyday - it's a conscious effort. Isn't that true!

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