Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Monsters of Templeton - Lauren Groff

Rating: 5 Better than a new Derby Hat and the winning horse (¨¨¨¨¨)
Challenges: Pub Challenge, A-Z Challenge (M Title)
Willie comes home to Templeton after nearly running down her lover's wife. As she returns home a Loch Ness type monster is found in the lake near her house and her Mother tells her that the story she told her about her father wasn't true. In fact her Father is a distant relative AND he lives in the same town. Willie starts a quest to find out who her Father is while working to put her life back together. In the process we meet all the interesting characters of Templeton past and present.
Loved it, Loved it! My only recommendation is if you listen to this on CD do it at times that you can pay a lot of attention to it and listen to it quick. I spent a couple of weeks listening to it which was the wrong thing to do since I was having problems connecting some of the characters to some of the others. This would be a great book on CD for a long trip! I highly recommend this book!

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Anonymous said...

Definitely one of my preferred titles that have come out during the last year.