Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Negotiator - Dee Henderson

Rating: 4 Tell a Friend over Derby Pie (ääää)
Pages: 296
Challenges: 2008 TBR, First in a Series, From the Stacks, A-Z challenge (N TItle)
The first book of the year is complete!! I really enjoyed this book.
It starts out with Kate walking into a Negotiation with a man who has taken a bank employee and customers hostage. In this situation she meets Dave who is a hidden hostage and also an FBI agent. After the situation is resolved with Dave's help they strike up a friendship. Well the mystery of the bank hostage situation develops when a plane is bombed and it seems Kate is in the middle of the mystery. Dave is right at her side as a friendship develops. Kate is also an orphan and has formed a "family" with several other orphans who we all meet in this book - they take the last name O'Malley and are very protective of each other.

Kate is a very likable character and I want to read more about the O'Malley's. Luckily this is the first book in the series and there is a prequel about Dave and his sister Sara, who the book mentions was stalked and Dave protects her. So I am interested to read that book too. Dee Henderson has made some very likable characters and I am sure each one can carry a book of their own. There are 5 more books in the series plus the prequel!

This book satisfies 3 of my challenge books:
From the Stacks
1st in a Series
2008 TBR Challenge Alternate


Brittanie said...

I am so glad you liked it :)

Darcie said...

Brittanie - have you read the others in this series? Where they just as good? Do you have a blog? I would love to see what you are reading.

Brittanie said...

Yes and Yes and Yes!!!!