Monday, March 9, 2009

The Two-Month Itch - Sarah Mlynowski (short story)

Short Story Title: The Two-Month Itch

Author: Sarah Mlynowski

Book: American Girls About Town

Rating: 3 out of 5 horses

First Line:

"You're having an urge to kiss the boy sitting next to you on the plane."
This story is about a girl who is debating on cheating on her boyfriend of 2 months with a guy who is on the plane. This story has different options - does she cheat and what happens - does she not cheat and what happens. The interesting thing is that regardless of her decision to cheat or not the story ends the same! I thought that was a neat twist about the story - and also if you are like me and a "what if" person it's comforting to know that regardless of the decision the story ends the same. It kind of reminds me of the movie Sliding Doors - only because the story is the same no matter what choice Gweneth Paltrow character picks.
Also I have been on the receiving end of the 2-month itch. I went through a couple of years where my relationships RARELY went 2 months 1 day! :)

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