Monday, March 9, 2009

Bad Manners - Chris Manby (Short Story)

Short Story Title: Bad Manners

Author: Chris Manby

Book: American Girls About Town

Rating: 3 out of 5 horses
First Line:

"And then one day my Prince did come along..."
This story was well named - about a British man who the main character was dating who had horrible manners to others and pointed out every mistake others made. The main character and he finally broke up - and she had a one night stand...then she had bad manners. It was a cute 12 page story.
My favorite quote:
"You don't have to look too closely to realize that those little things he jokes about at the start of your passionate romance are going to be the big things that tear you apart later on. Your funny laugh is going to become a witch's cackle. That cute mole on your neck is the beginnings of a wart."

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John Mutford said...

Ugh. I've known people like that man. They're the ones who brag that they "tell it like it is."