Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Young Adult Romance Challenge - Complete

The Young Adult Romance Challenge is complete. My first completed challenge of 2009! I know compared to others I am really behind! LOL! But for me it's great!!

Here are the books that I read for this challenge:
1. Luxe - Anna Godberson
2. Peaches - Jodi Lynn Anderson
3. The Higher Power of Lucky - Susan Patron
4. Lock and Key - Sarah Dessen
5. Rumors - Anna Godberson
6. Light Years - Tammar Stien

My favorites are Luxe and Rumors though I really enjoyed Lock and Key and Light Years also. I will probably read more in the Peaches series as well.

I am really glad that I joined this challenge. Young Adult is a genre of books that I don't read much of and I am not sure why, but I really enjoyed them! I am surprised that some of them are racer than I thought they would be. I would say that I probably wouldn't have read these books or authors if not for this challenge. And I would have missed some great ones!! Thanks Becky for hosting and making sure that we include the Young Adult Genre in our reading!

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