Monday, February 16, 2009

Yoga Baby – Lauren Henderson (short story)

Short Story Title: Yoga Babe
Author: Lauren Henderson
Book: American Girls About Town
Rating: 1 out of 5 horses

First I would like to start off saying this story was not for me. You may enjoy it, but for me it had the following issues:

1) I don’t like to exercise, so I don’t really care to read about it
2) I didn’t like the main character at all – she is exactly the type of person I hope not to meet in life – ever!

So this story is about a woman who is taking a yoga class. During the class she competes and criticizes (in her mind) everyone in the class about everything. So this is the gist of the story. Clearly the character has many insecurities to feel the need to do this. For me, I don’t want to be exposed to these people in life – let alone in something that I am reading for pleasure. I don’t think she got any life lessons on why she shouldn’t be self centered or so critical or anything that would change her attitude – so for me I am thinking what is the point? By the way – her boyfriend is as critical of her as she is of everyone else.


Lynda said...

I love yoga - but this story doesn't sound as if I would enjoy it.
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John Mutford said...

Yeah, she sounds like a pretty despicable character.