Monday, February 16, 2009

Moving Day - Cindy Chupack (short story)

Short Story Title: Moving Day
Author: Cindy Chupack
Book: American Girls About Town
Rating: 3 out of 5 horses

First Line:
"It was three days before her ten-year high school reunion when Madeline's husband told her he thought he might be gay. He wasn't sure if he was gay, having never been with a man, but he thought it was somthing he out to figure out."

This story revolves around Madeline’s who’s husband Matt has told her that he thinks he might be gay. He broke this news to her just as they found a house that they both loved. She comments that his “forever” vow with marriage didn’t seem as intimidating to him as a commitment to a 30 year mortgage. The story revolves around with how Madeline copes with the news.

There are some very funny parts of this story. For example she goes to the book store to find a book on how to deal with the fact that your husband thinks he is gay. Here is what happens:

“The next day before work, she screeched into the parking lot of B. Dalton Books and went directly to the self-help section, where all problems could be solved. However, there was no book for the wives of men who suspect they might be gay. There was a book called Loving Someone Gay for teachers and family members, but nothing for spouses. That’s when she officially started to panic. She did not want to pioneer a problem. She wanted the validation of a book, the anecdotes of other women, the statistics of a study. It occurred to her that the whole point of the self-help section was simply the reassurance that your particular problem was at least widespread enough to merit a book.” (page 54) Then the poor clerk asks her if she needs help and she tells him, “This is the self-help section, Patrick. So clearly, I would like to help myself.” (56). I thought this was humorous. Madeline does eventually find her book but she goes to a specialty book store to get it.

I thought the story was ok, but really enjoyed the writing. I would probably read more by this author if the book plot pulled me in. She defiantly hit some humorous cords with me.

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John Mutford said...

I wonder if this short story suffices in filling the void of literature for straight people whose spouses may be gay. I'm reminded of a Saturday Night Live sketch from years ago in which a wife was so convinced her husband was gay that, to his dismay, she hired him a male stripper for his birthday.