Tuesday, January 27, 2009

eBook Pricing

Smart *itches has an interesting article on e-book prices here. I think it's very interesting that the ebook prices are increasing. I got a Kindle for Christmas and have noticed that before Christmas there were ebooks for a penny to $1 but now most of the books are $9.99. I confess I have yet to purchase an ebook on my Kindle. I am waiting for Adriana Trigiani's new book and Jodi Picoult because I know these will have long waits at the library...and I want to try out the Kindle book.

I struggle with the fact that I already have a HUGE TBR pile of books I already own - PLUS I can get books from the library for free. I asked my library if there are any plans to have the ability to check out ebooks, but our library has no plans (because they don't have any $$). Does your library offer ebook checkouts? I would be interesting in hearing how this works.

I do think if there are only a few dollar differences between the ebook and the paperback I would purchase the paperback. Mostly because I can pass the physical book onto my friends where the ebook doesn't offer this option.

I also think ebooks should be cheaper because distribution costs are very inexpensive AND you pay a fee to get the Kindle. At the rate that I am going it will take YEARS to make up the cost with savings on the books.

What are your thoughts on ebooks?
Any thoughts?

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