Monday, June 30, 2008

Read-a-thon Summary

*Number of books read : 2
Hidden - Shelley Sheppard Gray
Sugar Queen - Sarah Addison Allen
(I must have had a 3 name author thing going on!! :) )
*Total of pages read since you started: 548
*Total of time spent reading since you started: at least 9 hours, but it could be more. I was awake most of the 24 hours. I took a 1.5 hour nap in the wee hours of the morning about 4:00am. :) I also gave Trish (my reading buddy) a crash course on blogging! I also cheered and helped coordinate which is why my reading time is low.

*Mini-challenge: 5ish

*Posts: 23

*Other participants visited: 62ish

*Prize you’ve won: 1
*Would I do the Read-a-thon again? Absolutely!! I think I will start with different expectations though...and also I would not schedule so much to do before the read-a-thon (I had a physical book club meeting) and if I am not reading at home I will scope out places to read with free internet access before the read-a-thon starts. Also if I coordinate I will know that the first couple of hours (or earlier) are dedicated to that. :)
*Summary of Hubby - My hubby did great with our little girl. They had a lot of fun and bonded a lot, so it was good for the whole family that I went away for a couple of days!

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