Sunday, June 29, 2008

Becky is Awesome!!

If you haven't gone to Becky's site then you are missing out! She reads like a mad woman! And I have found if she likes a book it's a fact that I will love it too!! She has introduced me to Life as we Knew it - ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! And Stephanie Meyer! She also hosts a online book club and July's pick is The Host for all of you wanting to read this (I can't wait to get started!) if you have a Costco nearby mine had it for a little over $11 - for hardback!! I have added 3 books to my TBR pile from her posts just tonight!! I just can't say enough good about her!!

I you like young adult books then Becky's site is the place to be!! :) Do you have a site that you love and who adds to your TBR pile? If so let me know!!


Ana S. said...

Becky is awesome indeed :)

jessi said...

For me, that site is bookshelves of doom. All of the books she recommends end up on my wishlist. :)