Sunday, June 29, 2008

Read-a-thon Hour 15 Mini-Challenge

I am at Bald Slope, North Carolina. It is a fictional place but there are bald slopes in NC...Wiipedia says balds are mountains covered with thick native grass or shrubs occurring in areas were forests would be expected - no one knows why they are bald. There doesn't seem to be one called bald slope and I think the picture is misleading because in the book Bald slope is actually a skiing mountain...the picture looks more like a cross country mountain...

Facts about Bald Slope
* They have a bald headed festival (for bald people)
*The ski resort was founded my Marco Cirrini (the main character - Josey's father)
* The Cirrini house is the most prominent and unique house in the town
* There is a restaurant called the Eat & Run
* There is a eccentric woman living in Josey's closet (who seems a little imaginary to me - for example she thinks nothing of wearing 16 layers of clothes, never seems to eat, is getting more and more translucent, etc.)

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