Thursday, January 17, 2008

From The Stacks Challenge - Finished!

My first Challenge complete and a few days early too!! Whoo hoo! I had a great time reading for this challenge and as you can see from my blog I have gone challenge crazy!! Here are the details on From the Stacks challenge.

I read...

1. The Negotiator (Dee Henderson) - Finished Jan-08

2. The Alphabet Sisters (Monica McInerney) - Finished Nov-07

3. Seven Loves (Valerie Tureblood) - Finished Dec-07

4. Hunger Moon (Suzanne Matson) - Finished Nov-07

5. Raising Hope (Katie Willard) - Finished Jan-08

I liked all of them but Seven Loves. I send all my books to my friend Patty in China, so she is thrilled I have been reading books that I own!! :) But I am sorry to say that doing the challenge did not stop me from purchasing more books. I found Paperback Swap and got several used books. Oh well...
This also makes 3 books read in January for National Read Novels Month!

1 comment:

Lesley said...

I'm so out of the loop lately I didn't even know this challenge was going on until it was too late!

Congratulations on completing the challenge, and good that you enjoyed almost all of them. I haven't actually heard of any of these books/authors before.