Sunday, January 13, 2008

50 Books in 2008

Today is Jan 13. I have finished 1 book this year. I have signed up for the 50 books in 2008. To keep on target:
  • I have to read 4.1 books a month
  • I have 7 days to read a book

So I am behind. I should be finishing my 2nd book tomorrow! Yikes! I am in the process of listening to 2 books on CD, so I think I might still be able to catch up...I better get it going so I can!

Last year there was a read-a-thon in October...I will have to read for the whole 24 hours to catch up. I have already warned my husband that I want to get a hotel room for this weekend. :) LOL! That will be the only way my 1 year old will let me read for more than 10 minutes!! :) But she is a joy. Today she is into everything!! She loves taking lids off of things and exploring what happens when she dumps things get the idea!! I have come to terms with the fact that my house will be a disaster for a while! Now just to get more time for reading....I think the writers strike will help me since all the shows will be repeats!


Eliza said...

Teensy kids are not terribly conducive to reading (or, in my case, writing). But repeat after me: I will be fine. I will rock this, and I will enjoy every moment of it.

-Eliza, from 50/08

Adrienne said...

Thanks for the comment on my site!

Lipstick, blush, nailpolish...they've become more fun than oatmeal - which used to be numero uno.

Turns out my little guy and I must have the same skin tones because he does look good in mocha rose, or whatever it is! The couch, not so much.

Darcie said...

Adrienne - too funny!! I don't wear a lot of makeup, but she does have a fondness for lotion! She also loves ripping paper so I have to put the toilet paper out of reach! :)

Eliza...thanks! I am feeling a little better because I am about to finish a book on CD. :) That will put me back on track!

Stephanie said...

My girlfriend's husband gets her a weekend at a hotel, by herself, as a gift for Mother's day. This year she waited until Harry Potter 7 to actually take advantage of the room. What a great idea! I have an almost six year old daughter and 14 month old daughter and read whenever I have a free moment, which is few and far between. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

Darcie said...

Stephanie - what a great gift idea! I am going to ask my husband for this for Mother's day! :) I will make sure it's a hotel with a hot tub (or a whirlpool tub!!). Thanks for the idea. Btw - I like your blog a lot!

Brittanie said...

I have not done the course yet. I signed up and saw the premise and then when I have extra time I was going to go back and explore it further. :)