Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reading Full Circle Challenge

Here's how to do it...
Use the common words from your book titles to connect the last title and the following title. The last title in your list needs to share a word with the first title making it a full circle. Click on the button if you want to join.

Here is my list:

Drums of Autumn – Diana Gabaldon
Drums of Change: A story of Running Fawn – Janette Oke
Change of Heart – Jodi Picoult
Harvesting the Heart– Jodi Picoult
Fatal Harvest – Catherine Palmer
Fatal Grace: A Three Pines Mystery – Louise Penny
A Tread of Grace – Mary Doria Russell
The Scarlet Tread – Francine Rivers
Scarlet Moon – Kimberly C Hughes
Blue Moon – Luanne Rice
Autumn Blue – Karen Harter

I actually got a few books I own in this List (Tread of Grace & Drumbs of Autumn). I have been wanting to read more Jodi Picoult (and the change of heart is her new one) and Janette Oke because I love the Love Comes Softly Series...all of the others are new books and new authors!!

This was hard but fun!! It took me a few hours...and I wanted to include the Drums of Amber so I can work on the series this year.

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Joy said...

Welcome to the Reading Full Circle Challenge! I'm so glad you joined. You have a great list (and I bet you appreciate it more because of all the time it took!) :) I really had fun making mine, too. Happy Reading!