Thursday, December 20, 2007

I have gone Challenge Crazy!!

I am signing up or have signed up for 2 more challenges.

Jane Austin Challenge
This is a challenge to read or watch 2 Jane Austin books/movies. Masterpiece Theatre is running a series on all 6 of her books and a movie about her life. I love the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice and haven't seen Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey or Persuation so I am excited to see them. Someone commented that the movies start Jan 13! I am not sure if I will read any of the books based on my current reading list...we'll see.

I am also joining Reading Full Circle Challenge...see next post. I have selected 12 books for I have 24 books so far commited in 2008...I am hoping to read 50 books - we'll see if I make it.

I was thinking of joining Reading My Name challenge, but all authors name Darcie/Darcy seem to be Harliquin or non-fiction writers.

I also want to read the Chronicles of Narnia series. :) Plus I want to start a book club! LOL!!

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