Friday, November 2, 2007

Tulle Little, Tulle Late – Kimberly Llewellyn

Type: Fiction
Rating: ···
352 pgs

It's not bad enough her cousin's stealing her thunder. She's also stealing her dress. Who doesn't love a wedding? Nina Robertson sure doesn't, since the wedding in question is that of her hyper-competitive, catty cousin Celia. And Nina's own engagement hit the brakes (and then went over a cliff) not too long ago. And the bitter icing on the cake? Celia will be wearing Nina's dream dress. Meanwhile, Nina's no-good ex is conducting a shock-and-awe campaign on her social life. And an underhanded co-worker, along with a notoriously difficult movie star, are making her public-relations job a nightmare. Although Nina might not be headed down the aisle, she's definitely headed downhill. (from

This is about Nina who’s life is not at all what she was expecting a few months before. She breaks up with her fiancé after he chooses a life style that she didn’t agree with. She has to watch a cousin buy the same wedding dress that Nina wanted and endures her Bridal Shower. This inspires Nina to completely change her life. In this vein she meats a hot guy and has a fling with him and goes for a promotion that puts her catering to a has-been demanding movie star diva. Her ex-fiancé shows up wanting to stay with her for a few weeks and her job starts going sour.

This is an entertaining novel. There were very funny parts and it is realistic to see how Nina gets into some of the situations she is in. I liked that she was strong enough to go to a Gala by herself. I did find parts predictable, which is disappointing.

This is a good beach read! I would read more from this author.

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