Thursday, November 1, 2007

Book Ratings

Well the book club ( in Champaign that I used to belong to used the following categories to rate the books

5 Stars "Better Than Chocolate"
4 Stars "Tell a Friend"
3 Stars "Take It or Leave It"
2 Stars "Needs Popcorn - Wait for the Movie";
1 Star "I’d Rather Watch Corn Grow".

Since I am now living in Kentucky I thought I would put a KY flare on here is what I came/ up with:

5 (stars) Better than a new Derby Hat and the winning horse (¨¨¨¨¨)
4 Tell a Friend over a Derby pie (ääää)
3 Don’t bet on this one…wait for the movie (···)
2 Drink more Mint Juleps before reading (åå)
1 I’d rather be watching the bluegrass grow(˜)

Not sure if I will stick with this...but for now they are the ratings. Please leave comments if you think of other catchy ratings for a Kentucky reader.

1 comment:

Susie said...

I totally love your rating descriptions! So cute.