Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hour 5 - 12:77

Challenge Entered
Cover Escape!

Road Trip 
Here is my letter:
Dear Mom & Dad - 
Sorry Jonah & are aren't in our beds this morning. We go sucked into the mirror in the basement, but you know me I have a plan to get home...I just wish it didn't involve an evil queen.
Love you and Miss you! 
"Wherever After Fairest of them All" 

I have great ideas for the kids cover challenge just need to get them set up!

"Wherever After Fairest of them All" 
Katie is 81% done with Drama according to Kindle.  Even though we have a shelf full of books for her I am seeing the purchase of a new kindle book in my future!

I am also reading Kassidy Heidi still but she needs a lot of breaks  :)

Many interruptions (I mean breaks).  Luckily my hubby is on his way home with lunch before he leaves again for a trip from Ohio to Illinois.

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