Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hour 1: 8am

Hour 1 -
The first 30 minutes we finished snacks :)  My 9 year old made the cake batter dip - and yum it's good.  And my 6 year old and I made brownie cookies - we haven't tried them yet but they are brownie mix, cream cheese and white cholcolate chips how can they not be good?

Kassidy (6) - I read 2 chapters of Heidi Hecklebeck Gets Glasses - this book is cute the Art teachers name is Mr. Doodlebee - cracks me up!

Katelynn (9) - is reading Drama (she is reading on a tablet, which means this graphic novel is in color!! She loves it!!)

Darcie (Mom) is reading - Whatever After Fairest of all because Katelynn loved the book but got a little freaked out so wants me to read book #2 with her - so I am playing catch up.  She does NOT like it when I read ahead! :)

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