Saturday, October 22, 2011

Read-a-thon Update 10am

So I think this is hour 2, but I have already lost count!! LOL!

I am still at Starbucks. Going though my google reader looking at people's updates. :) I just love today!

I am reading: Sisters - which is really good! Page 33 - yeah I did mention I am a slow reader.
Pages I have read: 33
Books Completed so far...none - this is typical for me in the read a thon...I should make it a goal to finish a book! LOL

Smelling all the good smell of starbucks looking forward to the day...I love fall all snuggly in a sweatshirt and when I get home I will start the fireplace. :) Sounds idealistic when I know the kiddos will be with me hopefully there will be a good show on NickJr that will give me 25 minutes of blissful reading! I love NickJr! :)

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