Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weekly Geeks #3

1. What is the earliest book you remember loving?
The first book I ever read on my own was The Cat in the Hat. I remember reading the Betsy Books (sorry I don't know the titles or authors now) The first book I really loved and related to was Are You There God It's Me Margret by Judy Blume.

2. When you were younger, which book characters did you want to be in your circle of friends?
Books were a big escape for me. I had a rough childhood and I escaped into books. So I wanted to have them all as my friends!

3. What books do you have nostalgia for as an adult?

Hmm...I am not sure which book I have nostalgia for. I have more nostalgia for the time I had to read. I remember sitting in bed all day reading...oh if only I could do that again. :)

4. What books do you wish to share with the kids in your life?
All of the Harry Potter and Judy Blume books (well maybe not Forever!). I can't wait to read chapter books with my little girl. We read lots of toddler books. Most importantly I hope that she has a love for reading - so in reality I will read anything she wants to read!

5. More philosophical question--- how do you think your childhood reading shaped what you like to read as an adult?
I think for me the question is more how reading impacted my life as a child. As I said I had a very difficult childhood. I think books gave me a way out. I knew that the most important thing was to get an education and with that I could go anywhere. I could especially break out of the poverty that we lived in. Seeing my "friends" in books get their accomplishments I knew that I could achieve my goals. For me books also keep me from being materialistic if that makes sense. I don't care what I own, as long as I have a library card and can read!

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