Thursday, May 1, 2008

Weekly Geeks #1

Dewey at the Hidden Side of the Leaf is hosting a weekly blogging "challenge". This week's is

1. Look through the list of blogs on the Mr Linky below and see if you can find five that are new to you. If you can’t, find as many new blogs as possible and then some you don’t read super regularly.
2. Visit those new blogs. A comment would be nice; people like comments.
3. When you’re ready, at some point by Friday if you want to be included in the blurbs next week, write a post in your blog featuring those new blogs you visited.
4. Don’t forget to come back here and leave a link to your post, so that I can get it into the blurbs!

Here is who I visited. I started at the bottom of the list, since I am late signing up I thought some of these might be too and possibly didn't have many visitors. :)

1. Mog - Mog and I like to visit some of the same blogs but I haven't read hers yet. What a nice surprise. She also has a scenario. You have to urgently go to the airport and don't have time to grab a book what do you do? :) A horrifying scenario for me! Also Mog has some new challenges that I haven't seen, but they are around the classics and I am not in a classics mood right now - so shockingly enough there is a challenge that I am not joining!!

2. Indextrious Reader - Melanie is celebrating National Poetry Month with several great posts on poetry! There is also a great post on March 20 about books that have chocolate in their titles. Also did you know it's International Polar Year? I didn't.

3. The Stuffed Shelf - First off Suzie has the best name, it makes me think of my stuffed TBR shelf. Somehow I am reading more books from the library then the books that I own...or I purchase more than I read - probably both! We are both in some of the same challenges and seem to enjoy some of the same books!

4. Foreign Circus Library - Colleen is a US Military wife who I think is overseas. She is in a book club that read the Book Thief which she liked. I think she is right in saying that a lot of people probably won't read this book because it is Young Adult. I know if I didn't see so many people blogging I probably wouldn't have known about it. But all the bloggers out there have got me reading Young Adult books too, which is great because now I have some recommendations for teens who I know.

5. My Year of Reading Seriously - CJ is reading through Janet Evanovich's number series. She is also in a few of the challenges we are in. :) Spring Thing and 2008 is getting late so I don't have more time to explore. :( bummer...

Thanks Dewey!! It was fun to explore other people's blogs!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

This geek thing is fun, isn't it? I gave up counting how many I've been to; it's been a great way to meet new people.

Colleen (CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

Thanks for checking me out! My husband is a Marine, and I do usually live overseas, but because of my job with the State Dept rather than his career. I'm home in DC at the moment, but am sure I'll be back overseas soon.

Great blog you have- I'm adding you to my list if that's ok. I love reading about what other people are reading about!

Darla D said...

Hi! I'm here from Weekly Geeks, and I sure enjoyed wandering through your blog! :-)

Darcie said...

Susan - It was great fun! I think I want to keep doing that. It is funny because I haven't thought about commenting on my blogs about new blogs I find - I think I will have to do that more!!

Colleen - Wow! It sounds like you both have interesting jobs! I will be interested in hearing where your jobs take you!

Darla - welcome!!