Saturday, January 10, 2015

Deal Me In Short Stories


I am going to participate in the Deal Me In Short Story Challenge.  I love short stories but rarely read them...this is a great challenge for me to read one per week!

What is the goal of the project?
To read 52 short stories in 2014 (that’s only one per week)
What do I need?
1) Access to at least fifty-two short stories (don’t own any short story collections or anthologies? See links to online resources below)
2) A deck of cards
3) An average of perhaps just thirty minutes of reading time each week

Here is a link if you want to join:

Story Author Suit Card Status
Where There's Smoke: A Short Story by Jodi Picoult A
Miss Merriweathers marriage Kathleen Y'Barbo K
Home to Pebble Creek
Christmas at Pebble Greek
Special Delivery (Valentine Short Story)
The Glass Case Kristin Hannah 4
Magic Touch Dara England 5
Out of the storm
Waking Kate
Honeymooning: A Cypress Hallow Yarn Story
Freaks: A Rizzoli & Isles Short Story
The Provincials Daniel Alarcon,  10
Bravery Charles Baxter A
Malaria. Mental illness. Michael Byers,  K
Miss Lora Junot Diaz,  Q
Horned Men* Karl Taro Greenfeld J
The Third Dumpster Gish Jen,  2
Encounters with Unexpected Animals Bret Anthony Johnston,  3
Magic Men Sheila Kohler 4
The Chair David Means 5
A Voice in the Night Steven Milhauser 6
Referential Lorrie Moore 7
Train Alice Munro 8
Chapter Two Antonya Nelson 9 COMPLETE
 Nemecia Kirstin Valdez Quade 10
Philanthropy Suzanne Rivecca  A
The Semplica Girl Diaries George Saunders K
The World to Come Jim Shepard Q
The Wilderness Elizabeth Tallent  J
The Tunnel, or The News From Spain Joan Wickersham 2
Breatharians Callan Wink 3
Wish Upon A Star Lainey Bancroft  4
Tears For Hesh  J. Michael Radcliffe 5
You Can Call Me Ari  Darcia Helle 6
Flames  Maria Savva 7
Minor Details  Jaleta Clegg 8
Ice Cream Man Neil Schiller 9
No Eyes But Mine Shall See  Sharon E. Cathcart 10
The First Texas Twister Magnolia Belle A
Shadow Lantern Gareth Lewis K
Stained  Amy Saunders Q
What Was Lost ` James Sophi J
The Art of Breathing  Jaime McDougall 2
Soul Windows  Jaleta Clegg 3
I Didn't Know His Name Darcia Helle 4
Red Route  James Everington 5
Make A Wish Susan Helene Gottfried 6
The Last Chance Motel and Mausoleum  Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick 7
Isolation  Maria Savva 8
Beyond The Green Hills  Tom Gahan 9
From Joy We Come, Unto Joy We Return  Ami Blackwelder 10

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Anonymous said...

Glad you'll be joining us, Darcie. I look forward to seeing your story roster! :-)