Saturday, January 17, 2015

Austenesque Lovers TBR Pile Reading Challenge 2015

You can join here.  This is a goodreads challenge - which is new for me, but I have a pile of Austen Books!

Here are the challenge details:
Challenge will begin January 1, 2015 and end December 31, 2015. People may join at any time.

Anyone is welcome.

Readers need to choose their challenge level and share choice in their introduction comment. Readers may progress to a new level at any time.

Level One Caroline Bingley: 1-5 books
Level Two Marianne Dashwood: 6-10 books
Level Three Anne Elliot: 10-20 books
Level Four Catherine Morland: 20-50 books
Level Five Mr. Bennet: 50+ books

Set up a location to track your reading challenge. This can be by creating a specific shelf here on GoodReads or on your blog.

After challenge begins, go into your chosen reading level here and update either with a list of the books you have read or a link to your update posted elsewhere. I would recommend updating on a monthly basis.

Readers are encouraged to review each book read so other readers can see what you thought of the book, but this is not mandatory.

Readers are also encouraged to cheer on each other, comment or ask about books other challengers have read.

I am going to try for Caroline Bingley!

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