Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow in Kentucky!

Shockingly it has snowed in Kentucky!! We have more than one foot! Just in case anyone is reading from an area that normally gets's different in Kentucky. Because we rarely get snow the cities don't invest in equipment like they do in other areas. I am originally from Illinois and snow is much different there! In addition, when the snow plows are out they don't plow exactly like they do in Illinois. Last time the plowing was less than stellar - on a road where there are 2 lanes and a turn lane the left turn lane and the right lane would be plowed!

It snowed 3 inches earlier in the year and some schools were out for 3 days...the joke was for each inch they got 1 day off...if that trend continues some schools will be out for 2 weeks! Also, one of the highways the Gene Snyder is nicknamed The "Gene Slider" when it gets slick out...and highways close. They also display closings across the bottom of the TV. By 3:00pm churches were calling off. Snow is different in the South!

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