Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How can I read more books?

For all of you that can read 100 books in a do you do it? Today I was sitting in the dentist chair wishing I could do something other than listen to the sound of the drill and was wishing I had brought an audio book to listen to. It would seem like the 1.5 hours I spent there not to be such a waste! Then I started wondering how many other times should I take a book or an audio book to keep from wasting time and get more books read. So all you readers out there who have more than 11 books read at this point in a year can you give me some insight to:
1. When you read?
2. How much time to read a week?
3. What things take away from your reading time?
4. Are you a speed reader?

Thanks for indulging me!


Serendipity said...

I had a long comment, and it disappeared, so I am going to make a whole post in answer to this question at I Must Confess.

Good question. I've read 25 books, 13 of which are audio.

Serendipity said...

I've posted my answer to your questions here.

The question is, does audio book count?

Joy said...

Hi Darcie! I came here to respond to your questions on my blog and lo and behold the questions are here, too! :) You can read my answers to some of your questions HERE. The comment section has more thoughts, as well. :)

So far this year, I have read 36 books (21 audio-books and 15 handheld versions).

Darcie said...

I would say yes audio books count! :)

Lezlie said...

I'm late to this party. . . :-)

I count audio books or I'd never be able to read all the books I want to get to in general, much less reach 100+ per year.

I am not a speed reader, and most of my reading time is before bed and on the weekend, because I work full time, take our dogs to agility/obedience classes 3 nights a week, and go to or watch nearly all 82 Timberwolves basketball games each year. I listen to audiobooks in the car on my hour long commute. In the summer I get a lot more read, as we spend the majority of our free time hanging out on the patio soaking up the limited sun we get here in Minnesota! :-)

Have a great weekend!