Friday, August 1, 2008

Pathetic July Totals

Since today is August 1 I thought I would post my book totals for July....ready...hang on to your hats! 3 - yes 3. Now to my defense I am about to finish book 4 and am 1/3 of the way through the Host which is 600+ pages. But yes July was only 3 books, but 1124 pages which is decent.

I do have a good reason! I am expecting a baby! Feb 23 is my due date and I can't seem to get enough sleep, so my normal reading time is now sleeping time. I don't remember being this tired with my first - I must have blocked that out! Although I do remember the nausea very well. So far it has been better this time and I vowed to take meds this time! I lost weight with my first in the first 4 months because every other day I was loosing my meal.

Also work has been crazy...but who wants to hear about that? Not me!

Now it is August 1 so we'll see how it goes this month! I figure I am ahead of the game since I am about to finish 1 and 200 pages into another!


jessi said...

Congratulations! That's great news. :)

Amanda said...


Maree said...

Congratulations!!! I've only had the one, but I remember that tired feeling sooo well. Take care of yourself. :)

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trish said...

Congratulations on the baby! And 1124 pages is totally acceptable... :-)